Seeking the spark to ignite your brilliant idea? We partner up and get hands-on. For creativity and fulfillment to go hand in hand. For You, for your team, for your project and enterprise. With our cross-functional collective and applying agile principles we build future powered by optimism.

The future belongs to the Creative Economy. To unleash its huge potential, we develop and optimize both of its components: the creative process and the profitability of an idea turned project.

The Digital Transformation of our society multiplies ideas and causes concerns. We help to make its structures and processes accessible so that you can excel at introducing innovation and new technologies in your organization.


Sustainable changes require a high degree of development capacity in a collaborative Organization. We discover agile methodologies and leadership styles, and train in communication, teamwork and flexibility.

I consider myself a catalyst, a translator and bridge-builder. Between tradition and future, consulting and coaching, arts and business, worlds and cultures, languages of the North and the South, the fascinating digital world and the even more fascinating humanity who creates it.

The radiance of a clearly defined vision illuminates our path towards the future: it enables us to recognize obstacles and threats, discover opportunities and develop strategies. Leveraging our leadership skills, we convey trust and the confidence that upcoming challenges can be mastered as a team.

We continuously develop ourselves for the benefit or our client. We challenge his status quo, understand his intentions and give shape to his aspirations. We work for his sustainable success and recommendations like these:

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