arte | Creative Economy

Harmonizing creativity and profitability, that’s a piece of a challenge. We love it. The carving out of our unique features is as important for the process as a well-crafted business plan, the identification of our target audience and a consistent communication.

Our program:

  • Forge your identity and enhance your profile (with our coaching support)
  • Unfold your potentials (with our impulses and stimulation)
  • Develop your marketing strategy (applying Design Thinking)
  • Build your project plan (while we assist you)
  • Manage your community (learn the basics and don’t stop practising)

The acquired concepts and workflows may be put into practice right away or be used as a blueprint for an iterative process.

arte: the art of… Finding solutions for complex problems. Developing openness towards new ideas, broadening horizons. Discovering creativity as a key factor for success. Flexibility and agility as essential conditions for the next step.

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