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What has this man done to go so far as to bundle arts, technology and humaneness into one single menu?

In the beginning, there was music. I listened, got caught and followed the vibes. After graduation straight into one of the trailblazing formative stages of my life. From the Munich region to Buenos Aires, into a vibrant music, arts and culture scene.

7 years of intensive studies of creative processes. Daily training of my voice, iterative movements on the piano, the guitar and the largest artefact in my hand, my upright bass, alone and as part of groups. Composition and arrangements: pure design thinking applied to music.

Scrum meetings, known as „rehearsals” among musicians, several times a week, repetition and improvement of the sequences, continuous readjustments. Every fortnight a sprint, to present the latest product developments to the client, the audience. The daily routine of a creative band musician… a product developer’s handbook of agile methods.

Back to Europe then. Madrid. And the next apprenticeship: business administration. Headlong into the practical experience, as a founder. Galileo, that’s what we call the expedition, and we end up developing our own 360° business model: from artistic talent sourcing, recording, production, label, distribution and publishing, to live music booking, concert & tour production, marketing, PR and media promotion, talent management on top of the cake. Hard times, instructive years. Legendary moments. Resilience.

2009, the decisive move towards a streaming music business: Altafonte, a platform committed to giving service to the community of independent labels. We expand it from Spain into Latin America. Close interaction with the tech giants. Business development. Growth. Success. Completing the full circle of a Digital Transformation process.

Time for the next challenge: promote digitalization and agile methodology in a larger structure. [PIAS] – the living example of an independent and global music company. Collecting miles between London, Brussels, Paris, Hamburg and Zurich. Development and launch of the business portal for internal and external users. Integration process of the venerable French Harmonia Mundi. Project management, change management, training. Always at the interface, between people, between systems, between people and systems. Impulses and ideas for an Organizational Development which aims at motivating fellow team members and lead the way towards the future.

2018: the year I decide to share with You what I’ve lived and internalized so far. Independently and flexibly. Many pages read, many lessons learned, many deeds accomplished. A nice collection of things created, developed and experienced. But far from enough to feel satisfied and remain in contemplation.

What about joining forces and making a bit of progress together?

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